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Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Christopher Daubert, Dean
2-69 Agriculture Building
Phone: 573/882-0368
College of Arts & Science
Patricia Okker, Dean
317 Lowry Hall
Phone: 573/882-4421
College of Business
Ajay Vinzé, Dean
407 E Cornell Hall
Phone: 573/882-6688
College of Education
Kathryn Chval, Dean
118 Hill Hall
Phone: 573/882-8524
College of Engineering
Elizabeth Loboa, Dean
W1025 Lafferre Hall
Phone: 573/882-4378
School of Health Professions
Kristofer Hagglund, Dean
510 Lewis Hall
Phone: 573/884-6705
College of Human Environmental Sciences
J. “Sandy” Rikoon, Dean
113 Gwynn Hall
Phone: 573/882-6227
School of Journalism
David D. Kurpius, Dean
120 Neff Hall
Phone: 573/882-6686
School of Law
Lyrissa Lidsky, Dean
230 Hulston Hall
Phone: 573/882-3246
School of Medicine
Patrice Delafontaine, Dean
MA204 Medical Sciences Bldg
Phone: 573/884-9080
School of Nursing
Roxanne McDaniel, Interim Dean
S215 Sinclair Nursing Building
Phone: 573/882-0278
College of Veterinary Medicine
Carolyn Henry, Dean
W203 Vet Med Complex
Phone: 573/882-7821