Mardy Eimers, PhD

Vice Provost for Institutional Research and Quality Improvement

  • Lead and set direction for the MU Institutional Research and Quality Improvement office.
  • Work with Provost’s and Chancellor’s staff to determine campus Institutional Research and Quality Improvement priorities.
  • Help coordinate campus committees and projects such as the faculty salary equity study, the faculty satisfaction survey and task force, the sexual assault survey and task force, the graduate employment and outcomes task force and academic program assessment, as well as similar initiatives.
  • Support campus strategic planning efforts including performance metrics, action plans and strategies.
  • Contribute to the campus and to institutional research through active participation and leadership in higher education organizations including the Association for Institutional Research (AIR), American Association of Universities Data Exchange (AAUDE) and the Network for Change and Continuous Innovation (NCCI).

Ann Patton

Programmer Analyst

  • Data integrity lead for MU institutional research data. Works with UM System and campus colleagues to ensure data are consistent, reliable, accessible and integrated.
  • Serve as a liaison and advocate within MU and also between MU and UM System to find solutions and enhancements to data/reporting needs.
  • Provide data and analysis to internal and external campus constituencies. This includes information and analysis for state/federal compliance reporting, accreditation and review and departmental survey and data exchange submissions.
  • MU IR lead for annual faculty and staff salary analysis, financial aid analysis, graduate stipends and graduation rate analysis and comparisons.

Kerri Urban

Data Analyst I

  • Responsible for responding to and completing external guide and ranking surveys.
  • Updates Common Data Set
  • Updates IRQI website, including tables related to enrollment, faculty and staff, degrees, etc.
  • Lead analyst for ad hoc data and descriptive data requests.
  • AAUDE primary representative and exchange item caretaker (Tuition and Fees)
  • HLC data coordinator

Jared Beasley

Data Analyst I

  • Lead analyst for MU graduate outcomes survey, COACHE faculty satisfaction and exit/retention surveys, NSSE, faculty salary equity, and MU and AAU Campus Climate Surveys.
  • Design surveys and conduct ad hoc data analysis as needed.
  • Facilitate and provide project management consultation for quality improvement projects.

Jessica Ritter

Data Analyst I

  • Responsible for responding to and completing external guide and ranking surveys.
  • Updates Common Data Set

Christy Ludeman

Business Support Specialist II

  • Coordinates general office duties, produces fiscal and budget summaries and adheres to human resources policies and procedures.
  • Answers routine questions about the University and/or directs inquiries to the appropriate research analyst.
  • Responsible for scheduling travel, conferences, and meetings.
  • Prepares documents for web posting, Archives, and new hires.