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Quality Improvement at the University of Missouri

While we are the office of quality improvement, we believe that quality can be achieved only through continuous improvement efforts. Regular examinations of and changes in how we do our work is necessary to be an institution that strives for excellence.

Key Concepts

  • Processes, not in people. People are often working in systems that have not been engineered or well-designed, so they do their best to get the work done.
  • Improved processes, improved quality. If you can design a process to work effectively and efficiently, you will improve the quality of what is produced.
  • “Quality” is relative. Quality work is dependent on the key processes (e.g., processing applications, providing data and analysis to customers) within a particular area.
  • Assessment and measurement. Assessing both how well your process is working, and whether or not you are getting your desired outcomes is a must.
  • Improvement culture. Wide scale improvement efforts are really most effective when they become a part of the way every day work is done, not just the work of a few within the organization.
  • Quality improvement is a team effort. Complex problems require the input of many in order to come up with viable solutions.

Services provided

The office of Quality Improvement can provide the following services….

  • process (re)design
  • strategic planning
  • survey design, administration and analysis
  • focus group facilitation and analysis
  • *meeting facilitation and management

…all with a focus on improvement.

*Please see the Strategic Planning Management Office for project management templates

If you are interested in having Quality Improvement assist your office, please contact Julie Brandt at